healinG mind-body-soul

Trinity Nina Nathoo

Intuitive Psychotherapist/Certified Healer

Transcend the ego

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Heart centred Healing:

Trauma (PTSD)

Health (chronic pain/illness)

Mood (depression, anxiety)

Stress (work/home)

Children and Youth

Spiritual Direction

Animal Assisted Therapy

Nature Assisted Therapy

Open Heart Therapy Inc. is located in a relaxed/non-clinical setting with 20 acres of outdoor space, horses, dogs, cats, and other animals in Balzac, AB

Energetic Medicine (human/animal)



Open Heart Therapy Inc. offers REIKI for the management of chronic pain and chronic illness. It is a treatment grounded in Japanese Medicine that down regulates the overactive nervous system, turning off the fight or flight response and turning on the immune system leading to healing of both emotional and physical disease.

Hypnotherapy is used in combination for maximum treatment effect. 

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